Struggle Doge aims to do its best to help more vulnerable groups in need

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Metaverse is the world's first quantitative investment tool platform based on decentralized meta universe. It is also the world's first platform to provide various investment advisory services for users with AI trading machines.

This is not just a currency transaction

Struggle Doge is formed by a group of caring and enthusiastic teams. We hope to gather community members around the world to form an organization that helps each other, not only to help others, but also to help ourselves, realize the dream of ten or even ten thousand times the wealth of the community, and help more people in need after we have the ability.
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Struggle Doge

In a dog world, there is a dog named struggle, code named sgdoge. It is an ordinary dog, which can be seen across the street. Living at the bottom of the dog community, struggle Doge is treated unfairly by others. Despite such unfair treatment, struggle Doge not only didn't give up, but also had a strong sense of justice in his heart. Although struggle Doge is looking for ways to solve the problem of hunger, it also adheres to its responsibility as a just partner. Later, struggle Doge was adopted by another mysterious dog. He saw the beauty of struggle Doge's heart. The mysterious dog taught struggle Doge the art of self-defense, which is used to protect others. So struggle Doge began his journey to help his comrades who parted ways at that time.


Struggle Doge is a holy beast that arouses blood and kindness in our hearts. In the future, we will build more struggle Doge, NFT, struggle Doge game, the surroundings of struggle Doge, as well as the trading market and ecological world of struggle Doge.

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Token Economics:

Total supply of sgdoge: 21 million pieces

Token burning and destruction: 50%

Pancake exchange of primary exchange: 45% of the total supply, locked for 1 year and unlocked after 1 year

Airdrop in secondary market: 5% of total supply

The sales transaction tax is 2%, which is used for media marketing promotion and repurchase destruction. (transaction sliding setting 2%)


Founder of No BS Crypto, Blockchain
evangelist, and devout growth hacker.
Head of Wall Street financial technology


Blockchain enthusiast, experienced
Forex trader and public speaker, over
ten years experience in Marketing
and early cryptocurrency user.

CTO and Strategic Advisor

Founder of sol public chain and founder of DOGE
Person and developer team Consultant

Road Map

First quarter of 2022

The project was officially established, the official website was launched and the community was established

Second quarter of 2022

The project is launched on the exchange, and the community is jointly built. The goal of members is 10W +, and the goal of cash holding is 1W+

Third quarter of 2022

Online exchange, audit, introduction of investment of more than 100W

Fourth quarter of 2022

Build foundation, build offline Mutual Aid Club, preach to more than 10 countries around the world, and design struggle Doge online and offline value products

First quarter of 2023

Launch a number of large exchanges with a target of 1000 times to build shopping malls, games and metauniverse

Second quarter of 2023

10000 times target, global digital currency benchmark